bill ﺈﻨﺠﻠﻳﺰﻳ ترجمة


n. bank note, promissory note; invoice; beak; snout; headland, promontory; proposed law
v. charge; announce, advertise
n. male first name (form of William)
Dictionary Extension
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1. announcement: advertisement, broadside, bulletin, circular, handbill, notice, placard
2. account: statement, invoice, reckoning, tab, score
3. beak: projection, mandible, nib
4. proposed law: act, draft, law, measure, proposal
5. invoice: dun, solicit
6. announce: advertise, post, publicise, publicize, publish
Present participle: billing
Present: bill (3.person: bills)
Past: billed
Future: will bill
Present conditional: would bill
Present Perfect: have billed (3.person: has billed)
Past Perfect: had billed
Future Perfect: will have billed
Past conditional: would have billed