n. konfusion, verwechselung, verworrenheit, verwirrung, wirrwarr, wirrnis, wirrsal, tohuwabohu, gewirr, unordnung, unklarheit, undeutlichkeit, ratlosigkeit, wirtschaft, vertauschung, durcheinander, verwicklung, befangenheit, betroffenheit, verlegenheit,

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After these few moments of confusion, we got on the road.
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On board were 288 passengers and crew. The final report shows total confusion in the cockpit after disconnecting the autopilot.
(Source: Voice of America)
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It seemed like just a few moments later and they were on the deck of the steamer, in the midst of great noise and confusion.
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Amid all this confusion La Zambinella, as if struck by terror, remained seemingly lost in thought.
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It was the same bird confusion everywhere, but no goosey-gander.
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All his past was looming up before his eyes with such extraordinary clearness that it seemed as though until then his mind must have been in hopeless confusion. The threatened land of France was his native country.
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Bagpipes, horns, timbrels, drums, every instrument known to the populace, lifted up their discordant voices all at once. The confusion and clangor lasted but a few seconds. As the noises began, so they ended, all together.
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His father had wished to take him with him to Bordeaux, but the administrative confusion of the last hour had kept him in the capital.
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In through the courtyard window wafted a confusion of songs and disputing voices, alternating with the screech of the clothes-line pulleys.
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In addition, the goal is to avoid the confusion of having separate experiences for messaging on Facebook,” a spokesperson for the social network said to CNET.
(Voice of America)
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1. escándalo: baraúnda, pandemónium, batahola, ruido, estrépito, bulla, jarana
2. desorden: barullo, embrollo, revoltijo, trastorno, tiberio, amasijo, caos
3. gresca: greña, pelea, pugna, riña, disputa, pelotera, marimorena
4. turbación: desorientación, desconcierto
5. equivocación: error

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