1. (general) industrie (f)
2. (compañía) commerce (m); branche (f); type d'activité

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"Eiffel Industria Materiale Plastiche S.p.A." is a company specialized in the processing of plastic materials, founded in 1962.
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Industria Militar de Colombia (INDUMIL) and the University of the Andes have developed the first dual mine detector based on Colombian technology, which will enable the Armed Forces to locate mines manufactured with metal and improvised explosive devices planted by terrorist groups.
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Lda., a chemical engineering firm. He also was a member of several professional associations related to the rubber industry, including the Institution of the Rubber Industry, and the Asscociacäo Portuguesa Industria Borracha.
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The company, Industria Comércio e Estamparia Brasung Ltda., started up operations in 1955 in the city of São Paulo and at that time was engaged in the production of tin plate for cosmetics packagings.
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