n. родина, сімейство, співдружність, об'єднання, дім, плем'я, рід, сім'я
a. родинний, родовий, сімейний

عبارات توضيحيه

We're practically family.
Ми майже сім’я.
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We are a family of four.
Нас четверо у сім'ї.
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How is your family?
Як там твоя родина?
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It's great to have a family.
Це чудово мати сім'ю.
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He is the black sheep of the family.
Він - біла ворона в своїй родині.
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The Browns are a fine and happy family.
Брауни - гарна і щаслива сім'я.
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What a wonderful family.
Яка чудова сім'я!
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His admission that he had stolen the money astonished his family.
Те, що він визнав, що був украв гроші, здивувало його родину.
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The family is too poor to pay back the debts.
Родина занадто бідна, щоб сплатити борги.
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Do you have a family?
У тебе є родина?
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primary social group; parents and children: clan, tribe, parent, sib, couple, kindred, sibling, kin group, marriage, kin, man and wife, child, kinship group, match, mates, married couple, family unit, kid
a social unit living together: broken home, nuclear family, social unit, menage, house, household, foster family, menage a trois, foster home, home, conjugal family, unit, extended family
a collection of things sharing a common attribute: category, syntactic category, woodwind family, histocompatibility complex, grammatical category, sex, aggregation, collection, class, stamp, conjugation, substitution class, superphylum, violin family, brass family, denomination, declension, accumulation, assemblage, paradigm
people descended from a common ancestor: origin, kinfolk, people, house, dynasty, stemma, line of descent, folk, parentage, pedigree, homefolk, family line, phratry, stock, ancestry, blood, kinsfolk, line, descent, lineage, name, bloodline, gens, sept, blood line

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