run into

v. menubruk, berjumpa secara kebetulan, bertemu secara kebetulan, ketemu, amprok, bersomplok, papakan, menemui, membuat, menerjang, mencapai, mengalami

عبارات توضيحيه

This river runs into Lake Ontario.
Sungai ini mengalir ke Danau Ontario
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He ran into debt.
Dia mengambil pinjaman uang.
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I ran into an old friend.
Aku berjumpa dengan kawan lamaku.
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be beset by: be, encounter
collide violently with an obstacle: knock against, hit, collide with, jar against, strike, bump into, butt against, impinge on
hit against; come into sudden contact with: spang, bump, connect, touch, glance, thud, bottom, ping, stub, bump into, strike, spat, knock against, hit, clash, jar against, collide, bottom out, knock, collide with, broadside, bang, rear-end, butt against, impinge on
come together: gather, cross, foregather, assemble, see, forgather, intersect, come across, meet, run across, encounter

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