adv. animadamente, com energia, com ânimo

عبارات توضيحيه

He was talking animatedly to the man who had the seat across from him-a man called Watling, another Objector.
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I followed Peter's gaze to where the new succubus animatedly told a story to a stone-faced demoness named Grace.
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Maddie glowed like a succubus, talking animatedly to Beth about something.
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"For the first time," recounts Farliz, gesturing animatedly to emphasize her message, "the authorities asked children to think in a constructive way about what was happening to us, about the violence and what we wanted to do about it."
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Children's voices swell and subside animatedly, as the teacher guides, encourages and supports the questioning and discussion, drawing everyone in and inviting their participation.
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Shepherds and wayfarers began to talk animatedly for the sun angels could be heard in the wind.
النطق النطق

in an animated manner

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