a. tare, putere: în putere, puternic, robust, viguros, voinicos, rezistent, vârtos, eroic, solid, trainic, durabil, înţepător, iute, viu, energic, intens, violent, pronunţat, sănătos, convingător, aspru

عبارات توضيحيه

He was strong enough to help his father on the farm.
Era destul de puternic pentru a-şi ajuta tatăl la fermă.
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The dancers look delicate in their white dresses, but they are really as strong as horses.
Dansatoarele par fragile în rochiile lor albe, dar în realitate sunt foarte puternice.
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She is strong.
Ea este puternică.
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He's strong.
El este puternic.
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A lion is strong.
Leul este puternic.
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The two nations have strong trade ties.
Cele două națiuni au legături economice strânse.
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My father likes his coffee strong.
Tatălui meu îi place cafeaua să fie tare.
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I am convinced that strong regions from the Mediterranean to the Baltic Sea make for a strong European Union.
Sunt convins că regiunile puternice de la Marea Mediterană până la Marea Baltică vor contribui la o Uniune Europeană puternică.
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Only an economically strong and influential EU can manage to resolve the important questions of global policy, security, trade and the environment.
Numai o Uniune Europeană puternică influentă poate să reuşească să rezolve problemele importante ale politicii, securităţii, comerţului şi mediului globale.
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It is a problem with a strong multilateral component, because the sale and transit of gas can constitute a commercial activity only if the necessary conditions are met.
Este o problemă cu o componentă multilaterală puternică deoarece vânzarea şi tranzitul gazului pot constitui o activitate comercială numai în cazul în care sunt îndeplinite condiţiile necesare.
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having strength or power greater than average or expected: sinewy, tough, strengthened, knockout, hard, powerful, muscular, brawny, ironlike, strength, bullnecked, weapons-grade, vehement, industrial-strength, beardown, toughened, hefty, virile, knock-down, beefed-up, robust, well-knit, rugged, noticeable, stiff, bullocky, severe, fortified, well-set, reinforced
not faint or feeble: intense
having or wielding force or authority: powerful, potent
of good quality and condition; solidly built: solid, sound, substantial
being distilled rather than fermented; having a high alcoholic content: hard, alcoholic
strong and sure: firm, forceful
of verbs not having standard (or regular) inflection: irregular
having a strong physiological or chemical effect: strength, fertile, efficacious, effective, stiff, powerful, effectiveness, potent, multipotent, effectual, potency, equipotent
freshly made or left: fresh, warm
immune to attack; incapable of being tampered with: unattackable, secure, unassailable, invulnerable, impregnable, inviolable

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